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How it works

  1. See what you could drive

    Find the perfect car for your trip. Search by location, price, make and model.

  2. Book a time

    Tell the car owner when you need the car. Owners also like to know a bit about your trip.

  3. Pick up your WhipCar

    Collect the keys in person at a time that suits you. Fully insured, with breakdown cover included.

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Why join WhipCar?

  • Free to join And it only takes two minutes.
  • Safe and fully insured All rentals include insurance and breakdown cover.
  • Convenient Rent cars just a short walk from home.
  • Save a lot of money Never pay silly car rental prices again.
  • Choice Search for the exact model of car you would like to rent.
  • Green More efficient use of cars on the road is better for everyone.
  • Friendly Rent from real people in your area.
  • Pick up at any time Rent a car for hours, days, weeks or months.
  • Quick and easy It only takes a few minutes to join, so what are you waiting for?

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